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Peking U research team deletes memories in rats更多>>
CHINA DAILYA revised draft of Chinas Law on the Prevention and Control of Atmospheric Pollution, released on Tuesday for public opinion, would require governments above the county level to establish pollution monitoring systems and levy heavier fines for illegal activities that pollute the environment. 2020-10-27
The S&ED was co-chaired by Chinese Vice Premier Wang Yang and State Councilor Yang Jiechi, as well as Kerry and U. 2020-10-6
They were grooming each other, foraging and sporting on the riverbank. 2020-10-5
Slower fiscal revenue growth in 2013According to the report, the central treasury had an annual revenue of 6. 2020-10-7
During the presidential campaign, Trump threatened high tariffs on Chinese exports and to name China a currency manipulator, but he has since softened his tone on those issues. 2020-10-31
Bohu county in Xinjiang is shrouded in sandstorm on April 18, 2013. 2020-10-17
Chinas role here is very important, because the Silk Road project links the developing countries with the developed ones, the East and the West, so it can become one of the key chains in terms of megaprojects linking the North, South, West and East, he said. 2020-10-31
Under this circumstance, Wu called on the international community to adopt preventive measures by signing a new international legal document at an early date to prevent the weaponization of outer space. 2020-10-25
An opportunistic adventure更多>>
The problem is very few entrepreneurs in China realize how essential it is to enhance employee efficiency by providing an open-minded office atmosphere, Hu said. 2020-10-31
Chalk stubs are saved in boxes for further use, top. 2020-10-31
The hairpins come in a variety of different plastic flowers and plants. 2018-9-10
A lawyer for the prime ministers aide Nagyova, who is now in custody, says she denies some of the allegations against her, while on others she argues that she acted in good faith. 2018-3-21
Xi said the classified management of judicial staff, the responsibility system in the judicial field and the occupational protection of legal personnel should be improved at the same time. 2016-3-18
To me, safety management is all about whether safety technologies are in place. 2016-8-18
Tourists admire Hukou Waterfall in Jixian county, Shanxi province, on March 18, 2013. 2015-7-11
Long Long has resided in Yongquan since his birth. 2015-7-31
It focuses on culture, creativity and technology.
He said each of them would have sold for 3,000 to 4,000 yuan.
A paper used during the labor process tells the patient about the beginning of the procedure and how to cooperate with doctors.
Air Chinas Beijing-Budapest route was officially inaugurated on Friday evening, when its Airbus 330-200 landed at Budapest Ferenc Liszt International Airport.
3 billion yuan in the Guangxi Zhuang autonomous region, according to the regions civil affairs authorities.
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Taiwans businesses have also pledged donations to help quake relief efforts.  Noting that China is changing from a quantitative growth model to a quality growth model, and Europe also is trying to seek better quality of life for people, the Brussels-based think tank CEO suggested China and the EU use the G20 platform to change the global focus from quantity to quality.
Last year the tea was auctioned at between 6,000 and 14,000 yuan per kilo, and is likely to go down further this year.  This time, I caged three dogs for trade.
Chinas civil aviation market hits one-trillion-yuan level in 2019更多>>
After concluding its visit to Morocco, the taskforce will head for Portugal and France. 2019-3-3 
The number of bus riders in Beijing has reduced by 370 million since 2009 - or 250,000 every day. 2016-10-20 
On Saturday, the provincial legislature announced that more than 500 local lawmakers have been disqualified, dismissed or resigned over the  fraud. 2016-9-15 
Carat predicts that global advertising expenditure in 2015 will continue to be robust with an anticipated 5 percent year-on-year growth around the world. 2017-2-10 
The custom is intended to convey greetings and protect children from bad luck during the New Year. 2015-4-8 
Photo provided to Shanghai StarShimmying in ShanghaiAwaiting the great jig Guo Wei is almost six feet tall and has an imposing frame. 2015-11-22 
Hou, born in Shanghai, told Xinhua that her passion for tango began when she saw it performed on television. 2017-1-13 
  Xi calls for cooperation in virus fight更多>>
Visitors pose for a photo at a 3D painting exhibition in Xian, capital of northwest Chinas Shaanxi province, Aug 29, 2013. 2017-5-18 
Qian Bo, deputy director of the Criminal Investigation Bureau with Guangdong Provincial Department of Public Security, made the remarks when police across Guangdong province busted 10 major cross-border criminal gangs during a joint police operation with their Hong Kong and Macao counterparts from May 9 to 13. 2018-9-9 
Photo provided to China DailyBEIJING - Though well prepared, Chinas movie market watchers are still stunned by the unprecedented opening of Transformers: Age of Extinction, estimated to have grossed some 613 million yuan (US. 2017-4-21 
Visitors pose for photo with a 3D painting in an exhibition center in Suzhou, east China’s Jiangsu Province, Feb. 2018-11-25 
Those results were attributed to a decrease in discounts and the release of several popular products. 2019-4-21 
The Dujiangyan Confucian temple has been trying to restore the traditional rituals and carry forward the traditional culture since it reopened to the public in May. 2018-6-22 
Farmlands are flooded in Xuanen county, Hubei province on June 6, 2013. 2018-4-2 
Paris Fashion Week: Chanel Fall/Winter 2016/2017更多>>
Compared with previous drills, more than half of the participants this year were new to the event and the first exercise they faced was dual confrontation, said Senior Colonel Yu Hejie, deputy head of the PLA air forces training department. 2018-2-10 
The dependence on monopoly resources and capital advantages make the State-owned companies weak in innovation and pioneering spirit, it said. 2018-10-3 
Another student confided in me that she was pregnant and I guided the 16-year-old to tell her parents. 2016-10-19 
On Tuesday, Modis special envoy, National Security Adviser Ajit Doval, delivered a message from Modi to Xi, saying Indias government and people have been warmly anticipating his visit. 2017-10-7 
Weve worked hard to act quickly, proactively and responsibly in addressing the Takata airbag recall for all impacted customers, and we will continue to do so, Toyota USA told AFP. 2019-3-25 
The NHFPC said on its website that awareness of laws applied to medical practitioners and institutions has been strengthened, while peoples consciousness of boycotting illegal practices has increased. 2018-9-14 
When talking about attitudes toward love and marriage, more than 40 percent said they lived with their spouse before getting married, and about 70 percent moved in together within a year after establishing a relationship, the survey said. 2015-9-16 
Xiangeqing is striving to create a renowned brand in providing trustworthy group meals for schools, hospitals and companies. 2017-7-26 
  Typhoon Soudelor kills 9 in E China更多>>
1 percent year-on-year to . 2015-6-19 
Thats where He decided to make a final effort before going back to her hometown. 2017-6-18 
Ive chosen to deal with why most students fail to get started correctly in order to set themselves up for success. 2015-11-24 
I want to say sorry to the Red Cross, all of society and especially to all the people who cannot get aid from the Red Cross (because of my false claims), she said. 2018-8-10 
66 per cent of votes, while Messi got 15. 2019-2-19 
Apart from sharing of information and expertise, SHFTZA and ADGM will also consider joint activities to enhance the development of the financial centers of Abu Dhabi and Shanghai Free Trade Zones. 2019-12-1 
Senator Roger Wicker of Mississippi told MSNBC he heard sirens and saw police motorcycles go by and then heard four to six shots fired. 2018-8-6 
Chinese people uphold the custom of Tieqiubiao: eating meat on the day of Liqiu in order to replenish nutrition from summer. 2016-8-22 
China records higher new loans, slower M2 expansion更多
Three prosecuted for killing panda in SW China更多
  Meanwhile, China has been tightening checks on mobile Internet app developers, apps stores and security software to curb the rise of malicious programs. Then he got hurt again Dec. The menu of Han Na Shan Korean BBQ in Beijing shows the prices for a half portion of select dishes, Jan 27, 2013. The company started its business in 1866 in Switzerland. Most have bruises or wrenches.
  France and other Western states have criticized Russia for vetoing three UN Security Council resolutions aimed at pressuring Assad. The hotel has constructed a cake-based village every winter for the past 35 years. 00 per ADS for a total offering size of approximately 5. In the first eight months this year, Chinas capital account saw a 59 percent increase in transactions to 3.